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Grand Island

Grand Island Bus Transportation Information

Adults $45.00, Children $25.00 (includes Ferry Service)

Express service to North End of Island by special arrangement for hikers. Advance pre-paid reservations are required. Cost is $40.00/person. Please call for details.

May 25th thru June 30th
One Trip Daily Sunday-Saturday at Noon

July 1st thru September 17th
Two Trips Daily Sunday-Saturday at 10:00am and 2:00 pm

September 18th thru October 8th
One Trip Daily Sunday-Saturday at Noon


We hope  you’ll enjoy your visit to some of the island’s scenic vistas and historic sites. Each stop on the 2 1/2 to 3 hour bus route is designed to familiarize you with another aspect of Grand Island’s long and interesting history.

As you prepare to embark on your visit, there are a couple things visitors should note. First, at this  time the stop locations are not fully accessible. Sites are not hardened and terrain may be un- even, but we hope that visitors will nonetheless enjoy experiencing Grand Island’s uniqueness. Keep your eyes open for black bear, whitetailed deer or sandhill cranes!

Please be at the Grand Island Landing 30 minutes prior to Grand Island Ferry departure!

For reservations for the Grand Island Bus Service, please contact the Grand Island Ferry Service at (906) 387-2600

Click here to visit Grand Island National Recreation Area

Click here for Grand Island Ferry Service



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